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Don’t just take it from us.  See what our customers have to say about AquaClimb!

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"We love our AquaClimb!" - The Arbutus Club


We love our AquaClimb! We installed our two AquaClimb walls nine months ago and it was the best decision we could have made for our private recreational club. The AquaClimb has brought new life to our pool. Since the installation our generally quiet pool has been busier than ever. One of our favourite things about the AquaClimb is watching the kids strategize on how to get to the top. The wall does an amazing job at promoting team work, mental stimulation and exercise! Many of our adult members have even added the AquaClimb to their work out; they will swim some laps and do a couple climbs for an all-around workout! Another bonus of the AquaClimb is that it pumps your adrenaline while still keeping you safe. The way the walls are angled over the water lets climbers safety drop into the water with zero risk of landing on the deck. We also have two walls with the recommended safety zone between, so two members can climb and safely drop into the water at the same time.

We are the number one private recreational club in Vancouver, BC, and with this comes a certain level of member expectation and an emphasis on aesthetics. After the installation of our AquaClimb we have received quite a few compliments on how good the 3D translucent walls looks. A couple members even likened it to an art installation! Our members have high standards, and the AquaClimb met and surpassed them all.

The customer service we received from AquaClimb is unrivaled. They were quick, patient and very accommodating. Their great customer service continued even after we had purchased our AquaClimb (Thanks Doug!) All in all, the AquaClimb team is a pleasure to work with.  

Mallory Richards – Aquatic & Fitness Manager TheArbutusClub

"I wish we had found AquaClimb sooner!" - Butman Camp


From the friendly service we received when ordering, to the timely delivery, everything was very professional. It took us about two and a half hours to install our wall. The reason it took so long was because we had to drill holes into our concrete ground which took some time, but other than that, the installation was simple to follow. Having the YouTube videos helped when we got stuck. Once we got the wall up, the care of it was as simple as it gets. We made sure to check the bolts everyday and made sure the nuts were screwed down tight on them. There were no problems with any aspect of the wall during the summer. We had approximately 2000 people come through camp and use the pool, and just about every single person wanted to climb the wall. I was expecting to have some problems with the weight of some participants, but the AquaClimb did not budge one bit. It seems to be built to withstand just about anything thrown its way, from the smallest child, to the heaviest adult. We also did not experience any injuries from any climbers. They would all fall straight down into the water, just like the manufacture said they would. The AquaClimb provided many benefits to our swimming pool this summer. Not only was it the most popular item in the pool, but in the whole camp. I wish we had found AquaClimb sooner!

Michael Martin, Program Director, Butman Camp

"Our first season was great!" - City of Eudora

Our first season was great!

Gary Scott, CPRP, City of Eudora Director of Parks and Recreation


"Made our pool even more enjoyable." - Boswell Aquatic Center

Our guests have thoroughly enjoyed the new addition to the pool this summer. Children have enjoyed the challenge of getting to the top of the wall and many adults have joined in on the fun too. The AquaClimb is used frequently during the open hours and often has a line. We have many features here and the wall has fit right in and made our pool even more enjoyable.

Regarding safety, we have had few issues with it. It does require maintenance on tightening the rocks if they come loose. We also check it daily in our safety check to make sure it is in working order. We utilize the AquaClimb Safety guidelines that we were provided with and set them out by the wall everyday. We added a few rules of our own like one person in the water area at a time and only use the rocks to climb and not the sides of the wall.

Your AquaClimb Company has been great when it comes to customer service, installation, and delivery. We were only missing a couple of pieces upon delivery, but they were sent to us promptly. Everything we expected was delivered on time and installation was very easy. It only took a couple of hours to get it out, get our area set up, and put the wall up.

Emily Chamberlin
Boswell Aquatic Center Supervisor
Lebanon Parks and Recreation Department

"It's the talk of the town." - Camp B'nai Brith

Two years ago we purchased two AquaClimb’s for our camp and we are thrilled with the reaction and results of our purchase – never looked back! The climbing walls were a great addition to our Olympic Sized pool and look great on either side of our diving board in the deep end. During free swim each day there is always a line up of eager children ready to challenge themselves to get to the top, tap our logo and descend to the pool with their arms and legs flailing. We have gone so far as to incorporate them into our programming … from relay races to games – it is the talk of the town and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase!

Cindy Presser Benedek
Assistant Director, Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa

"The response from our pool users has been fantastic!" - NAIT

We have had our AquaClimb Sport at the NAIT Pool since December 2011 and the response from our pool users has been fantastic! It is a fun, exciting and challenging addition. The Sport has provided our pool users with a unique way to add to their swim workout each day, as well as a fun way to test their climbing skills. The manufacturer provided us with posters and a sign- stand to display the rules for the climbing wall ensuring our users have a fun and safe experience. We have had a great increase in the number of people coming to our pool, specifically to check out and try the new climbing wall! Our AquaClimb has been a great addition to our pool and has been easy to maintain cleanliness as well as operational safety.”
Lindsay Ryan
Aquatic Programmer, NAIT, Edmonton, Canada

"We saw a 40% increase in attendance over last year." - Southfield Parks & Rec

We had a great first year with the AquaClimb, kids were constantly lined up for it, everyone had a blast.  The great thing about the AquaClimb is how striking it is, it’s the first thing you see when you walk out on pool deck and really makes an impression.  The installation was done quickly and professionally.  Aquaclimb was a big reason we saw a 40% increase in attendance over last year.”
Ted Davis
Southfield Parks and Recreation, MI

"It is a great feature." - City of Temple

We purchased the aquaclimb from ya last fall. It is a great feature built to last and withstand many more years of enjoyable use and attraction to our pool. Thank you.”
Karl Reigle
Pools Crew Leader City of Temple, TX

"It was a hit this summer!!" - NAVSTA

It was a hit this summer!! We had ordered one last year and it was a hit. We would like to add to our indoor facility.”

Stephanie Whipple
MWR Fitness Coordinator, NAVSTA Rota, Spain

"Everyone loved the climbing wall!" - Jefferson City Parks

Everyone loved the climbing wall this summer in Jefferson City!  I’m hoping we can add another section making it taller next season.  Thanks for all the help this season!

Laurie Herzing
Recreation Supervisor, CPRP
Jefferson City Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Jefferson City, MO

"Our lake waterfront looks great!" - Camp Modin

We just wanted to let you know that our custom AquaClimb has been a great success here at Camp Modin. Our campers and staff are absolutely loving the new addition and our lake waterfront looks great!  Special thanks to everyone at AquaClimb who teamed up with Shoremaster Dock and Commercial Recreation specialists to deliver us the first-ever AquaClimb installed on a custom-built floating dock system.  Beyond the design, the delivery and installation process was extremely smooth the AquaClimb team was here to help us every step of the way. The quality and design of our AquaClimb is amazing and we just want to say “thanks” to your entire team for delivering us an amazing product for our camp.

Best regards,
Howard & Lisa
Directors, Camp Modin

"The AquaClimb was terrific." - Goldman Union Camp

Camp ended this past weekend.  The AquaClimb was terrific.  As you would expect, a big hit.

Mark Covitz
Goldman Union Camp

"It's challenging and lots of fun!" - Residential pool owner

Our community YMCA in southwest Michigan recently installed an AquaClimb wall on the pools edge. What a cool product. It’s challenging and lots of fun! My kids and I will always spend time climbing on it when we are there for recreation and I will typically climb it a few times after my lap swims as a nice finish to my workout. Best of all is the 20 foot drop safely back into the pool as a reward for making it to the top. Simply put, I love the AquaClimb.”

Jason Colosky

"The kids absolutely love it!" - City of Odessa

We have the wall up and operating. The kids absolutely love it and it has brought so much more recreational opportunities to the pool facility.”

Scott Anderson
Assistant Director, City of Odessa Parks and Rec

"There are line ups every public swim." - Wayne Gretzky Sports Center

I wanted to let you know that our customers have been thoroughly enjoying the climbing wall! There are are line ups every public swim and the kids are thrilled with the challenge and fun it has provided. Keep up the good work!”

Wayne Gretzky Sports Center
Brantford, Ontario

"It's a great confident builder." - Rio Grande Pool

Rio Grande Pool, Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation, recently purchased the Krystal  AquaClimb for our dive tank. It is a great confidence builder and good clean fun. We are happy our Director told us about this pool feature. By the smiles on our customer’s faces we know you can only have a good time on the AquaClimb. Please feel free to list us as a reference.

Roberto Bilbao
Aquatics Program Coordinator

"The AquaClimb is a hit!" - Breckenridge Rec Center

The Aquaclimb is a hit! It fit’s our curved pool design,  and some days it doesn’t get a break from climbers of all ages. The Chrystal model design is attractive and it’s transparency is a plus for lifeguards when scanning the pool. The installation was relatively simple, and it looks as if it has always been a part of our pool. It defiantly has created a new buzz in our Rec Center.

Scott Haden
Aquatics Coordinator, Breckenridge Recreation Center

"We are 100% (+) pleased." - The Dive Spot

“We are 100% (+) pleased and the swimmers are climbing their little hearts out!”

Dive Spot

"It's a real win for us." - Henry S. Jacobs Camp

“Our campers LOVE the AquaClimb!  Every time the pool is open, they line-up – and keep trying!  Plus, the walk-up appeal is just awesome.  It was a real win for us.”

Jonathan “J.C.” Cohen
Director, URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp, Utica, Mississippi

"Easy to install" - City of Aurora

Just installed my first AquaClimb and it was very easy to install and it looks fantastic!  Everybody that has come by the pool is so excited and thinks it looks great!  The kids, I’m sure, will have a blast this summer using it!

Orvil Maples
Pool Manager, City of Aurora, Missouri

"We may rotate panels every summer." - Harry and Rose Samson JCC

Dear AquaClimb,  I just would like to inform you that a few weeks ago I called and talked to Doug, your sales Director and he was very helpful answering some questions regarding re-configuring our 5 year old, 16 panel aqua climb wall, he suggested that we remove and turn entire panels to change things up for our family of climbers at our water park. This worked out great, it was easy, and did not take much time at all. We are excited and can’t wait to see how easy or hard it will be for those who climb and try to ring the cow bell that we have hanging at the top. In past summers the far left side has been very difficult and almost un-climbable, this summer the whole wall will have a whole new feel. We may just change it up (rotate panels) every summer.  Thanks again Doug and Aqua Climb for a great product that we can change up and make feel like we have a new wall each summer at our outdoor water park.

Bob Aker
Health, Recreation and Fitness Assistant Director, Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish, Community Center, Milwaukee, WI

"We replaced 2 boards with a climb and love it." - Park Forest Park & Rec

You may or may not know we replaced 2 board with a climb a few years ago and love it.  Just learned in last few weeks from our camp staff that kids like to climb to the top and slap the uppermost clear panel as a note of accomplishment.

John P. Joyce
Director of Recreation & Parks, Park Forest, IL

"A safe landing is only a splash away." - Phillips Community Pool

“So far, the wall is a hit. Whenever there are kids at the pool, a line can be spotted at the wall. It’s very, very challenging. Only a few people have made it to the top. The challenge may just be part of its appeal. For those who don’t make it to the top, a safe landing is only a splash away in the diving well.”

Annie Knudson and Adam Speer
Phillips Community Pool, Washington State