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[caption id="attachment_229" align="alignleft" width="206"]I Think I Can! I Think I Can![/caption] There are many benefits of rock climbing for kids, including both mental and physical aspects. On the physical side, rock climbing is a great way for kids to stay in shape. Mentally, it promotes focus and other positive attributes. For children who are otherwise uninterested in competitive sports, rock climbing can be a great healthy physical activity. Most importantly, rock climbing for kids is relatively safe when compared with contact sports and is therefore a good alternative when injuries are a concern.  The AquaClimb poolside climbing walls replicates traditional rock climbing while removing the inherent risk of falling. The most obvious benefits of rock climbing for kids are physical. Rock climbing is an intense physical activity requiring coordination, strength, and flexibility. At more [caption id="attachment_567" align="alignright" width="146"]Climbing Is Fun! Climbing Is Fun![/caption] advanced levels, building strength can be essential to completing certain courses. For beginners, the challenges are usually kept to a manageable level.  AquaClimb products enable the walls to be setup to accommodate all levels of climbers with adjustable hand holds that can be set in the positive (easier) position or negative (harder) position.  Even though rock climbing for kids may not seem as intense as running, it does work to keep the body healthy. Mental benefits of rock climbing for kids are equally as important. Rock climbing requires strategies and focus in order to make it to the top. Children who have difficulty concentrating can often develop mental focus through rock climbing.  We have seen it time and time again watching videos of kids climbing the walls.  They stop, reach up and think about their next move then change to a different hold and keep on moving upward.  A feeling of accomplishment might also be seen as a mental benefit, and this feeling often encourages increased physical activity in order to meet the next challenge.