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3 meter diving stands, and particularly the ladder on a 3 meter dive stand, pose serious dangers. [caption id="attachment_754" align="aligncenter" width="230"] Safe or Not?[/caption]  3 meter diving stands, while not near as numerous as a few years ago, still exist at recreational pools, where they may not...

What Height AquaClimb Can My Facility Have? This is the first and most frequently asked question by prospective buyers of AquaClimb poolside climbing walls. It is also the most important of all questions for aquatic professionals to consider when purchasing a climbing wall feature. Consider buying...

[caption id="attachment_278" align="alignleft" width="216"] To a Safe 2013[/caption] Many families visit indoor and outdoor public pools and spas during the summer swimming season and year-round. Public pool and spa owners and operators should follow local, state and federal regulations to ensure the safety of their facilities. By checking to see if a public pool or spa is using appropriate water safety practices, you can further assure the safety of you, your family and your community. These are helpful questions to ask when you and your family visit a public pool or spa: