AquaClimb Classic - AquaClimb
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AquaClimb Classic

Our most economical offering, the Classic Line offers a modular, customizable design with up to four height options using a clear polycarbonate panel.  Manufactured with the highest quality and technology, the popular AquaClimb Classic is installed in hundreds of facilities across North America.


All climbing holds can be rotated and swapped around for greater variety.  As programming and budget grow, additional wall sections can be added to increase the size of the climbing wall as the vertical structures bolt together to allow for additional climbers.

Design your own

AquaClimb also offers custom panel color choices to theme with your facility at additional cost.  Print your own logo or that of your sponsors on the safety panels at the top of the wall to reinforce your brand or to give increased exposure to your sponsor(s).


  • Full modular system
  • FOUR height options and unlimited width options
  • One standard design that fits all climbing surface panel options
  • 304L stainless steel with epoxy coating for wipe clean surfaces
  • Design load testing to withstand 100 MPH wind loads


  • Pre-assembled full height units delivered ready for installation
  • Easy local contractor or maintenance staff installation
  • Step by step installation guide online with video links
  • 100% deck install – No wet feet
  • Minimal tools required

Flat Panel Starter Options


The Krystal is one of the least expensive AquaClimb Classic models with clear panels that allow more light and higher visibility in the installation environment as well as giving the owner an opportunity to have custom graphics, such as sponsorship logos, printed on the panels.