Aqua Zip' N - AquaClimb
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A cross between the traditional rope swing, combined with the thrill and exhilaration of zip lining, the Aqua Zip’ N is defining a new era of aquatic recreation and play.

The revolutionary and highly aesthetic design of the Aqua Zip’ N allows for a clean entry into the water, while eliminating swing back with its arching frame. With its proprietary self-retracting trolley, Aqua Zip’ N offers a high throughput experience while utilizing a minimal footprint. Riders of all ages and up to 250 pounds, will enjoy this new take on the classic concept.

Fabricated out of 304 stainless steel and powder coated, the Aqua Zip’ N is sure to be an exciting, low-maintenance addition for any facility. Unlike anything else on the market today, Aqua Zip’ N will challenge riders of all ages as they discover this thrilling new way to launch into the pool.


  • Full modular system
  • Proprietary self-retracting trolley
  • Curved, arching frame with termination point over water
  • 304L stainless steel with powder coating for wipe clean surfaces
  • Design load testing to withstand 100 MPH wind loads


  • Pre-fabricated 3 piece system designed for quick assembly
  • Easy local contractor or maintenance staff installation
  • Step by step installation guide
  • 100% deck install – No wet feet
  • Basic tools required