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Energize Your Pool Scene with AquaClimb®

A safe, fun alternative to slides and diving boards, AquaClimb® walls make a great addition to your fitness and recreation programs, provide supplemental training for aquatic sports teams, and are a unique, fun way for kids to learn about climbing, take risks in a controlled environment, and develop healthy skills for life. The market leader in aquatic climbing walls, AquaClimb® provides you with personal service from concept through installation. We specialize in aquatic walls only, so that we can give you unparalleled expertise, service and support every step of the way.


Starting at $6,000

Our most economical offering, the Classic Line offers a modular, customizable design with up to four height options and two types of panels.

Classic Plus

Starting at $8,000

The Classic Plus line provides upgraded features from our entry Classic line, including an enhanced climbing experience by offering a 3D contour panel, replicating a more natural rock climbing experience among many other features.


Starting at $18,000

The AquaClimb KURVE brings a deep water solo climbing experience for adults, teenagers and kids at your pool. Whether it’s installed on an indoor or outdoor pool deck, KURVE offers a technically and physically demanding climb above that of the Classic.


starting at $70,000

The AquaClimb Sport is a revolutionary aquatic feature that combines clean industrial design with the sport of climbing. The result is a centerpiece sport feature that distinguishes high-end aquatic facilities.

Aqua Zip’N

Starting at $7,500

A cross between the traditional rope swing, combined with the thrill and exhilaration of zip lining, the Aqua ZipN is defining a new era of aquatic recreation and play.

The revolutionary and highly aesthetic design of the Aqua ZipN allows for a clean entry into the water, while eliminating swing back with its arching frame. With its proprietary self-retracting trolley, Aqua ZipN offers a high throughput experience while utilizing a minimal footprint. Riders of all ages and up to 250 pounds, will enjoy this new take on the classic concept.