Facilities - AquaClimb
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AquaClimb aquatic climbing walls are ideal for any pool facility.  Click on the links below for information and suggested products for your facility type.

Recreation Centers & Health Clubs

Add some adventure to your pool with the safest, “coolest” poolside recreation that attracts people of all ages while taking up minimal deck and water space.


AquaClimb creates the ultimate water feature, perfect for commercial, residential pools or even the dock too! We can match your environment with this eye-catching, exciting recreation that develops muscles while building self-esteem.

Universities & Colleges

Poolside climbing walls aren't just for kids! Wether you are a student, in the service, a teen or tween, you want to be active and stay healthy.

Swim Clubs

What's the longest line at the club? AquaClimb! A unique centerpiece for your club proven to increase patronage.


Add variety to your home pool with an AquaClimb poolside climbing wall!


Aquaclimb is the aquatic climbing wall of choice for MWR programs, adding an element of fun and challenge to MWR facilities.