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The AquaClimb Europe team was contacted by the city of Alsfeld looking to install an AquaClimb at their indoor facility.  The city of Alsfeld saw the AquaClimb at the Aquanale show in Cologne.  TUV provides certification for products in Germany for safety and engineering requirements....

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.  Many families visit indoor and outdoor public pools and spas during the summer swimming season and year-round. Public pool and spa owners and operators should follow local, state and federal regulations to ensure the safety of their facilities. By checking...

The Reaction from Patrons and Aquatic Facility Directors

 Many companies try to present their products and services on their technical merit.  We at AquaClimb could do this but always wanted to take a different approach.  The technical stuff is provided on our website and can be viewed at any time.  We want to share the “experience” you will have with your new AquaClimb poolside climbing wall.

 Aqua_Cottonwood_ (101)The first question for a perspective buyer is the value that is generated from the purchase of the AquaClimb.  Gary Ristow from Lenexa Parks and Recreation purchased his first AquClimb wall in 2010 and his second in 2012.  According to Gary the AquaClimb “Offers a lot of play value for the investment”

A food donation program also showed an increase this year.

October 04, 2012|edited news release by Jenny Edwards, Springfield-Greene County Parks Department

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- For the third summer in a row, Springfield-Greene County Parks Department swimming pools set attendance records.  Official pool attendance during the 2012 season was 98,331 — a 10.4-percent increase over 2011, despite Doling Pool beingclosed this summer due to reconstruction.

[caption id="attachment_471" align="alignleft" width="300"]Includes 3 Wide AquaClimb Includes 3 Wide AquaClimb[/caption] Attendance increased at all six remaining outdoor pools, but nowhere so much as Westport Pool, where attendance more than doubled to 14,875 during the first season after major renovation. Unusually high temperatures in June and July contributed to the jump in attendance.  Extended pool hours -- more than ever before -- and a new maintenance schedule staggered to allow swimming seven days a week also helped enhance attendance.  Admission to the Chesterfield Indoor Aquatics Center was also available at outdoor pool prices this year.


News You Can Use        

The goal of the AquaClimb news letter is to provide you with current, relevant and applicable information you can apply to your aquatic facility.  Each facility is unique and we would love to hear about the topics you would like to learn more about in the upcoming issues.  This is our Inaugural edition and we want your feedback so we can incorporate it into next months edition. Email us your topic at info@AquaClimb.com

 Submitted By: Sheri O'Berto - Aquatics Coordinator Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department

This summer, 2013, the Boulder City Pool will add a splash of fun to the dive tank.   After losing its 3m dive board last summer due to national concerns regarding liability and insurance, followed by a request from the City insurance carrier for removal of the 3m board, the Boulder City Pool needed to add something to keep its users, especially youth and young adults, engaged, and entertained.  The solution:  the AquaClimb Krystal

[caption id="attachment_452" align="alignleft" width="270"]!st AquaClimb 5-High in Nevada  !st AquaClimb 5-High in Nevada[/caption]

poolside climbing wall.  Two climbing walls will rise out of the water, allowing for approximately 16.4’ each, of vertical climbing, allowing participants to climb to the top, and then jump off feet first. The AquaClimb walls lean out over the water at a 13 degree angle ensuring a safe re-entry into the pool.  People of all ages can “rock climb” in a safe environment, while cooling off on those hot days.  A fall means an easy drop into the cool waters of the dive tank and a sense of accomplishment after reaching the top.  Unlike a traditional land based rock climbing walls, there are no safety ropes, repelling harnesses or carabineers needed to scale the 16.4’ poolside climbing wall.  This is one of the latest crazes in the water aquatics industry, and the Boulder City pool is the first pool in Nevada to have the five high model!