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New Installations

The AquaClimb Europe team was contacted by the city of Alsfeld looking to install an AquaClimb at their indoor facility.  The city of Alsfeld saw the AquaClimb at the Aquanale show in Cologne.  TUV provides certification for products in Germany for safety and engineering requirements....

By Brittany Petrillo The Western Courier | October 11, 2013
Those looking for a new total body workout can now visit the Donald S. Spencer Recreation Center and try to tackle the new 16 feet tall AquaClimb poolside wall.  Pat McGrath, assistant director of Aquatics and Outdoor Pursuits at the rec said he encourages students to take advantage of the aquatic recreational challenge. WIU metalic custom“It‘s kind of the new trend in aquatic features for recreational facilities,” McGrath said. “There haven’t been any advances in play areas for pools since pretty much the water slide came out probably 50 years ago, so it’s kind of the newest, biggest thing.”  The wall was installed in early August, and it has since been featured on the cover of a few different magazines for recreation industries. McGrath said he and his colleagues were looking to enhance the recreational swimming opportunities at the rec.  “We have a great lap-swimming contingency; lots of people come and swim laps, but we don’t have as many people just playing around on inner tubes,” he said.  “And there’s tons of options up there we just need something really to draw people in, and so far it’s really helped with that.”

[caption id="attachment_654" align="alignleft" width="183"] Down We Go![/caption] Shillito Park pool has a new feature that is sure to be popular with the young swimmers. Lexington’s Division of Parks and Recreation recently installed a new AquaClimb climbing wall alongside the pool. The fiberglass wall with stainless steel...

It was quite an honor to be featured in the August, 2013 Athletic Business Magazine.  The honor was eclipsed by hearing that the AquaClimb Sport was going to be featured on the cover.  To read the entire article click Here In order to have a project...

[caption id="attachment_170" align="alignleft" width="199"] Install Time[/caption] The oldest Jewish camp in Maine, Camp Modin continues to set new benchmarks. They change children’s lives for the better and help shape them as individuals for a brighter future. One visit to their website and you will see how truly amazing Camp Modin is from Wibbits to sailboats to Arts they challenge today’s youth.  Camp Modin focuses on personal strengths, helping each child find outlets to share their unique gifts and talents with the rest of the camp community. They are building confidence and character in the guise of a totally awesome summer camp.