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Our Team


Russell Moy, CEO/President

Russell Moy, President, has been instrumental in the development of Adventure Recreation globally since 1982. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer at the Farnborough College of Technology in the UK, he immediately traveled to Australia to join the Outward Bound Foundation in 1982 as the Special Operations Manager responsible for the development of the Adventure Training Systems throughout Australia.

With over 50 facilities throughout SE Asia implementing Russell’s designs and structures Russell expanded to the North American marketplace. From the commercialization of Zip Line tours to over 45 indoor climbing walls built in the USA alone — including the walls used by the US Climbing Federation the World Cup and his introduction of over 500 Aquatic Climbing Walls scattered around the US — Russell established himself and his companies as leaders in the development of adventure-based recreation.

Laura Grandner, General Manager

Laura Grandner, General Manager, has an extensive career in management and distribution sales in the plastics industry for more than 29 years. Prior to position with AquaClimb she had more than 18 years at the largest privately held plastics distribution company of Laird Plastics. Laura worked at 4 locations developing not only increased sales and customer bases but creating distribution sales and support teams at each location .

Laura started working with Pyramide USA, the parent company, as a supplier for components of the AquaClimb wall in 2012. When the opportunity came to become part of the AquaClimb family she embraced this new challenge.

Laura is a mother of two grown and very successful sons, has two wonderful daughters-in-law and 4 grandchildren. When not at work you can find her either on the water kayaking or on the slopes skiing.

Doug Cooke, Sales Specialist

Doug Cooke, Sales Specialist, has an extensive 25 year career in sales. Prior to his position with AquaClimb, Doug started and developed the advertising division for the second largest newsletter publisher, Agora Publishing, and then successfully managed his own ad firm, Direct Resource Network, for a decade.

Doug started working with Pyramide USA, the parent company, in 2011, realizing that AquaClimb offered an unparalleled opportunity to switch industries where he could enjoy a fantastic learning experience in a fun atmosphere.

A father of one teenage son, Doug lives in downtown Frederick, MD and happily walks to work. In the evening, you can find him on the tennis court or enjoying the local vibrant music scene.

Christofer Born

A rock climbing enthusiast, Christofer designed the AquaClimb® Sport especially for the high requirements of water park architecture. An AquaClimb® Sport climbing wall is not only an innovative and thrilling sports utility but also a work of sculptural art. This sophisticated design was distinguished at the Steel-Innovation Prize 2009 in Germany, where it was originally developed and is marketed as WATERCLIMBING®.

Safety Team

Dr. Tom Griffiths

Dr. Tom Griffiths is the President and Founder of Aquatic Safety Research Group, LLC. Recognized as an international leader in water safety, he has spent 38 years teaching, coaching and managing aquatics at three major universities. Griffiths has produced videos, textbooks, articles, and presentations in various areas of aquatics focusing his efforts on safety. He has also conducted hundreds of aquatic facility and beach inspections across the nation and abroad and teaches full day Aquatic Risk Management seminars. Perhaps his most significant contributions are the Five Minute Scanning Strategy©, Griff’s Guard Stations©, Disappearing Dummies, his research on Shallow Water Blackout, and the National Note & Float program. He has been an aquatic safety expert for more than 40 years and shares his knowledge, expertise, and experience worldwide. Griffiths just released the 3rd edition of the popular The Complete Swimming Pool Reference.

Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Griffiths, M.A. is the Communication Director for Aquatic Safety Research Group. Rachel conducts water safety research to help prevent drowning and provides water safety education to the public. She is also the President of Note and Float Life Jacket Fund, which donates life jackets to aquatic facilities to implement the Note & Float™ program. She has recently been awarded a Power 10 Advocate by Aquatics International. Rachel publishes water safety articles, teaches Aquatic Risk Management seminars, and has conducted and written reports for a myriad of aquatic facility audits throughout the country. Rachel authored the 3rd edition of The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 2014. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Public Health.