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Build Your Camp’s Brand With Exciting Photo Memories

Build Your Camp’s Brand With Exciting Photo Memories

marketing-campsMany camps are taking advantage of the increased opportunities that today’s digital world provides — for marketing and promotion, for keeping campers engaged and for keeping parents in the loop. One way to keep campers engaged and happy is to give them plenty of opportunities to share their experiences via social media. Kids love to post pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Creating a “photo station” around a unique feature at your camp, like the AquaClimb, will ensure that kids post and share pictures online, getting your camp name-brand exposure with each view.

Kids Line Up for AquaClimb Pics

Already a popular attraction at any camp, the AquaClimb as a photo station is a guaranteed hit. Kids will line up for a fun climb while camp staff and other campers take their pictures. Posting a goofy picture of yourself when climbing — or letting go for a refreshing splash — is social media gold for the under-18 set. To be sure that your camp gets exposure on the social media spots where kids like to hang out most, add your logo to the AquaClimb design. Or, create a template in Photoshop that automatically adds your camp logo, session date and other information to each shot, by using the “Actions” function.

Post AquaClimb Photo Station Pics

Social media posts aren’t just for fun. Clever marketers know that the most “shareable” posts keep their brand top of mind in their target market. Make sure you are also posting and sharing AquaClimb photo station shots on your camp’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and other social media feeds. Showing pictures of smiling campers who are engaged in a fun, safe physical activity promotes your camp as an enjoyable experience where new skills are learned. To get the most out of your posts, be sure that your social media accounts are all up-to-date with your website URL, address, phone number, email address and a description of what your camp offers.

Market Your Camp through Parents

Parents’ number one concern about their kids at camp is safety — but their second biggest concern is that their campers are happy. The AquaClimb addresses both of those concerns. It has a spotless safety record and children simply can’t help but have fun when they try aquatic climbing. Seeing pictures their children are sharing from an AquaClimb photo station gives parents a glimpse of camp life, as well as promotes the camp as a fun, challenging and rewarding program. And, as parents are always eager to show off those photos through their own social media accounts, your camp gets promoted with each share.

AquaClimb Creates Magic Moments

The camping experience isn’t just for the children, but for all those who love them and are cheering them on from home. Creating a great “camp moment” with a photo taken on the AquaClimb helps the campers and their parents, grandparents, friends and former campers to share in the magic of the moment.

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