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Sponsorships Build Community Ties and Fund Facility Enhancements

Sponsorships Build Community Ties and Fund Facility Enhancements

Managing an aquatic facility is full of challenges that can range from personnel to maintenance and upkeep. Yet despite these ongoing challenges every manager looks for opportunities to improve their facilities, but there’s one factor that usually stands in their way – money. One effective approach to solving that problem is to find sponsors who could benefit from a little healthy exposure to the community you serve. By developing a compelling sponsorship program, your facility can generate the funds needed to add great new aquatic features like the AquaClimb®.

Building Community Ties

The key to selling sponsors is to pitch them on the long term, ongoing benefits that sponsorship can provide. Paint a picture of the tremendous goodwill they will benefit from when community members see that they were instrumental in bringing an exciting new feature like the AquaClimb® to their favorite aquatic facility. Without fail, every time an AquaClimb® is installed it commands visitors attention and your potential sponsors can be right in the middle of all the action. They can be associated with a healthy fun addition to the community and best of all sponsorship on the AquaClimb® is permanent.


The benefits to sponsors are powerful. With plenty of space on the AquaClimb® to feature their logo and tagline, sponsors gain repeat impressions with parents and they build brand awareness with the next generation of consumers as kids enjoy the AquaClimb and strive to reach the top of the wall where the sponsors logo is placed. Sponsors and facilities both can build strong ties to the community by providing a safe, innovative attraction that helps both children and adults get fit while having fun.

Tips for Securing AquaClimb® Sponsorships

To gain sponsors, aquatic facilities will need to develop a strong pitch for local businesses. Here are some tried and true tips to help you get your sponsorship efforts going:

  • Prove how much exposure the sponsor can expect (number of users per season, for example)
    Show data about who the sponsor will be targeting (gather any demographic information you have about your users)
  • Provide information about AquaClimb® benefits to the community (safe, innovative, fun, attraction)
  • Position the sponsor as a benefactor concerned with helping the community get fit, have fun and be safe
  • Offer sponsorship tiers (for example, price a lower cost tier for a sponsor to have one spot out of two or three logos on the AquaClimb® and also offer a premium tier for sole sponsorship)
  • Outline how the sponsor will be recognized beyond their logo placement (will you announce the AquaClimb® sponsorship in the media or mention it in your marketing materials?)
  • Explain other benefits that sponsors can expect (invitations to special events, opportunities to participate in co-marketing activities, etc.)
  • Use pictures to illustrate how the sponsor’s logo would look on the AquaClimb®
    Offer to customize the AquaClimb® colors and layout to fit the color scheme of the sponsor
  • Develop a flier or other marketing piece that puts all of the information above in one place
  • Enlist well-connected members of your staff, board and/or committees to approach potential sponsors

AquaClimb® has a gallery that features several sponsored walls on its website, as well as plenty of resources to help you with your sponsorship recruitment efforts, such as safety information, specifications for logo sizes and placements, and much more. There are also numerous articles on the AquaClimb® site that point to the fun and fit factor.

Safe and Fun

AquaClimb® products are approved by state and local health departments throughout the United States, recommended by the Aquatic Safety Research Group (ASRG) and by health and safety organizations like PlaySafe LLC. AquaClimb® has been specifically designed to eliminate the dangerous situations in both climbing and diving that can cause injury. The walls are a safer alternative to diving boards and slides for both children and adults. Contact AquaClimb® today for more information.

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