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AquaClimb Designed Rugged to Make Permitting Easy

AquaClimb Designed Rugged to Make Permitting Easy

home4When planning to include an aquatic climbing wall in your pool design or renovations, it’s good to keep in mind that the designs will most likely need to be approved by your local authorities. Many municipal health departments require stamped, sealed architectural drawings of proposed aquatic climbing walls so that they can verify their safety and stability. For example, the walls must withstand winds of up to 90 mph, and bear a load of a 250 lb. climber. Not having this documentation up front can delay the project.

A Proactive Approach to Permitting

AquaClimb® takes a proactive stance by helping potential clients get quick and easy approval for their aquatic walls. Contracting with engineering firms, AquaClimb® has their walls analyzed for wind and people loading, based on the specific site location. And, because the AquaClimb® products have a standard design and construction, with the only variation being the height of the specific wall, it’s usually not necessary to do a full analysis with each project, saving the client costly delays.

Modular Design Means Less Analysis Needed

Each wall is built to meet the codes individually, so it makes no difference how many AquaClimb® walls are lined up in a row.  For instance, the climbing wall segment is about four feet wide, so in order to make a 12’ wide wall, clients can simply line up three walls.  Clients don’t need to perform an analysis with each wall — they just need to double check the site specificities and make sure the walls conform.  AquaClimb® aids in this process with signed, stamped engineering studies.

Safe and Fun

AquaClimb® products are not just approved by state and local health departments throughout the United States, but they are also recommended by the Aquatic Safety Research Group (ASRG) and major health and safety organizations like PlaySafe LLC. AquaClimb® is a fun poolside attraction that has been specifically designed to eliminate the dangerous situations in both climbing and diving that can cause injury. The walls are a safer alternative to diving boards and slides for both children and adults.

  • Each AquaClimb® comes complete with guidelines for safe use.
  • AquaClimb® has clear protective panels to prevent climbers from climbing over the top of the wall.
  • The AquaClimb® frame curves and hangs over the pool so that the natural re-entry into the water is feet first and the descent is away from the pool wall and edge.
  • Non-abrasive surfaces and holds prevent scrapes and cuts.
  • Natural re-entry into the water is feet first.
  • Initial AquaClimb® climbing panels are submerged, overlapping any guttering system to prevent entrapment.
  • Climbers swim up to the AquaClimb® activity wall, restricting non-swimmers from using the wall without entering the queue in the water.

Health departments, architects and facility managers choose AquaClimb® because of its structural sturdiness, ease of installation, its excellent wind rating and the fact that it has so many safety features and certifications. It’s a low-maintenance feature that quickly becomes every pool’s most popular attraction.

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