Case Study: Paddock Enterprises, Inc. Uses AquaClimb in Oklahoma State Park Pool Renovations - AquaClimb
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Case Study: Paddock Enterprises, Inc. Uses AquaClimb in Oklahoma State Park Pool Renovations

Case Study: Paddock Enterprises, Inc. Uses AquaClimb in Oklahoma State Park Pool Renovations

3Paddock Enterprises, Inc., a firm specializing in the design and renovation of commercial swimming pools throughout the central part of the United States, was charged with redesigning and modernizing many of the state park pools in Oklahoma. A firm with three generations of swimming pool design and engineering experience, Paddock Enterprises specializes in long-term planning of aquatic services for municipalities. The firm’s founder, considered to be the “Father of the Modern Swimming Pool”, was responsible for developing the first national standards for public swimming pools in the late 1950s. This history and expertise is why Paddock Enterprises was selected as the design firm for the Oklahoma State Park pools renovation project.

Some of the Oklahoma state park pools had not been updated in decades. The goal of Paddock Enterprises was to focus intently on an inherently aesthetic design that would provide longevity to the client, as well as incorporating innovations that would create an enhanced aquatic experience for the state park pool patrons. One of the innovations Paddock Enterprises chose again and again is the addition of an AquaClimb. “We chose AquaClimb in lieu of diving boards in many cases, because diving boards have a lot more room for injuries,” explains Donald Paddock, Owner, Paddock Enterprises. “The AquaClimb walls are extremely safe and they’re heavily used — they are a big success in the state park pools,” he says.

Aesthetics was another key factor for incorporating AquaClimb into the pool renovation design, Paddock says. “Aquaclimb is able to match the look and the colors of the surrounding scenery — natural beauty that we want to bring into the pool design. For example, the AquaClimb walls we used at Red Rock Canyon State Park mimic the look of the park’s natural rock cliffs. At Roman Nose State Park, the AquaClimb wall matches the park’s 1930s rock construction that was originally accomplished by the Work Progress Administration. ”

Paddock Enterprises also values the AquaClimb’s structural sturdiness, ease of installation, its excellent wind rating and the fact that it has so many safety certifications. Given that Oklahoma state park pools are so popular, the equipment installations Paddock Enterprises chooses must be well-built, long-lasting and free from any potential hazard. “Our clients also like the AquaClimb because of how easy it is to remove it temporarily if there is a swim meet or a special event, and when the pool closes for the summer,” Paddock adds.

The people at AquaClimb are also very easy to work with, and they will go above and beyond to deliver a climbing wall that will not only look beautiful in the state park pool setting, but will also stand the test of time and weather,” says Paddock.

Oklahoma state park managers agree. “My customers love our AquaClimb! When the numerous church camps came through our pool this summer, the kids were lined up all day long,” explains CD Perkins, Manager/Ranger, Boiling Springs State Park, Woodward, OK. “I even have adults tell us how much they like it. As a Manager, I really appreciate the low maintenance of the AquaClimb. I am a former rock climber, so I really like the concept of a climbing wall with holds. It really gives the climbers a feeling of accomplishment,” Perkins adds.

Adding an AquaClimb also creates an attraction that people will remember and talk about. Anything that puts visitors in the position of asking their friends if they have seen the new “blank” or used that cool “blank” will create new and return visits. The Aquaclimb creates an extremely safe poolside adventure where kids (and adults) have fun and get fit. It also adds a distinctively designed recreation component to any facility that stands out visually and draws a crowd.

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