Cool Rec Centers Help Colleges Attract More Students - AquaClimb
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Cool Rec Centers Help Colleges Attract More Students

Cool Rec Centers Help Colleges Attract More Students

Auburn University touts their 20-foot AquaClimb as “perhaps the most unique feature” of the Leisure/Activity Pool.

Auburn University touts their 20-foot AquaClimb as “perhaps the most unique feature” of the Leisure/Activity Pool.

High school kids have a lot of choices these days when it comes to selecting a college. And, for many young adults, there are quite a few factors that go into making that final choice. That’s why universities and colleges have come to realize that they can’t rely on their academic prestige alone when trying to distinguish themselves from the competition. The world’s top students, athletes and future leaders are more discerning than ever and they want it all. Dorms, libraries and recreation centers are all being redesigned to make schools more competitive when attracting the best of the best.

Rec Centers Play a Big Role in College Choice

For students who want to stay active and healthy — the campus rec and wellness center can have a huge impact on their final decision. Chancellor Tom George of the University of Missouri-St. Louis recently talked about the issue in a blog post saying, “When you talk to prospective students coming to campus, the first thing they say is, ‘Show me the Recreation and Wellness Center.’”

Million Dollar Buildings Provide Modern Recreation

In recent years, college recreation and wellness centers have gone from modest gyms to million dollar buildings that offer students everything from expansive weight rooms to impressive aquatic facilities classes to healthy cooking classes. Today’s state-of-the-art student recreation centers compete on a level with the finest private clubs in the nation. In addition to devoting substantial space to aerobic equipment, weight machines, and free weights, the best modern university gyms also incorporate elements such as multi-dimensional aquatic facilities, golf simulators, Pilates classes and more.

Aquatic Facilities Compete by Adding the AquaClimb

The AquaClimb, an aquatic climbing wall that has been used in several recent high-profile university recreation center projects, is a great addition to the aquatic facility because it helps students get fit and have fun. Daily college stresses like exams and papers melt away as the mind completely focuses on the task of climbing. Making a splash after the climb adds to the fun while washing away the last of the stress. Students emerge from the pool refreshed and ready to tackle their studies with a clear head.

Safer than traditional climbing walls, AquaClimb is installed in the pool and the climbers swim up to the wall. The climbing starts below the water surface and the wall curves and hangs over the pool, so that the natural re-entry into the water is feet first and the descent is away from the pool wall and edge.

Auburn University’s Most Unique Pool Feature

Auburn University touts their 20-foot AquaClimb as “perhaps the most unique feature” of the Leisure/Activity Pool. One of the most recently renovated collegiate gyms in the country, Auburn’s Recreation and Wellness Center houses all the latest fitness trends under one roof, from black-light disco-ball cycling rooms to an amazing aquatic complex. In March, the Auburn center was named one of the “Coolest College Recreation Centers in America” by Men’s Health magazine, which noted the AquaClimb as one of Auburn’s distinguishing attractions.

Colleges and universities are facing more challenges when competing for talented students to join their ranks. Recreation centers with quality programming innovative facilities help provide students with an exciting and fresh experience.  AquaClimb is a unique centerpiece addition that prospective students will remember and one that can play an important part in fitness programming as well as recreation just for fun. For students who may have never tried climbing, the AquaClimb gives them a chance to try it in a forgiving and fun atmosphere. As they climb, they’re moving without feeling like they’re “working out” and without realizing just how much beneficial movement they’re actually getting.

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